Market Your Business and Yourself With Wow-Worthy eBooks

Market Your Business and Yourself With Wow-Worthy eBooks

Small businesses – ranging from healthcare IT consultancies to accounting firms – can benefit from creating eBooks to market their businesses and sell their services. Why? An eBook offers you a way to inform and educate your customers while building your credibility, all in an easily shareable format. For example, a dentist could compile a book, citing research, on the best practices for teeth care, or an insurance agent, using real case studies, could write a cautionary tale of the biggest mistakes people make that drive up their insurance rates.

Essentially, as long as you can provide relevant, informative and useful content, customers will want to read it. As they do, they will grow to see you as an expert whom they can trust—and that is how you capture their business.

Once again, innovative technology is making it possible for even the busiest entrepreneurs to create professional-looking eBooks on a budget. Consider these three popular eBook software programs:

eBook Maestro
This software comes with a simple interface that includes a set of wizards that allow you to create fully customizable eBooks, galleries and offline Websites by choosing from ready-made templates or by starting from scratch. In addition, it offers many security features that protect your intellectual property. For example, the configure protection options allow you to disable user actions, such as copying and pasting, image or text selection and taking screenshots within your eBook. You can also password-protect your eBooks if you want to limit access to them. Available for download are the Free, Standard ($13) and Pro ($20) versions.

My eBook Maker
With this platform, you can create free eBooks in the cloud. Sign up for an account to create, edit and download as many eBooks as you want in an ePub format, the standard format for most eBook stores, enabling you to distribute your books on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Google Books, Lulu and more.

Wondershare MePub
This ePub creator lets you compile an eBook from up to 100 files at a time, including Microsoft Word, PDF, Text, HTML and CHM image formats. The software preserves the original document text, layout, images and hyperlinks so that you don’t have to redo all those components. You can customize covers, layout, tables of contents and more to match your brand, and then publish the books to your website. Wondershare MePub is also compatible with iOS devices. Try it for free or purchase for it for $35.

An eBook offers you one more way to market your services to potential clients. With your know-how and one of these inexpensive software programs, you can write compelling eBooks that position you as an expert, increase your name recognition and engage your customers. 

Jaimy Ford is a professional business writer with nearly a decade's worth of experience developing newsletters, blogs, e-letters, training tools and webinars for business professionals. She contributes to both The Intuit Small Business Blog and She also serves as editor-in-chief of Sales Mastery, a digital magazine written specifically for sales professionals.

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