Power Up Your Construction Site With a Cloud-Based Wireless System

Power Up Your Construction Site With a Cloud-Based Wireless System

Anyone who has ever worked on a construction site understands the challenges of doing business, especially when it comes to collecting, sending and organizing data and documents.

Most job sites lack any sort of traditional infrastructure, so it’s often challenging to find locations to install Power over Ethernet switches, making it almost impossible to work at 100 percent capacity. Modern construction sites thrive on easy communication, and without it, you can look forward to increasing budgets.

Thankfully, advancements in cloud-based wireless systems have made these problems virtually obsolete.

Cloud-based management of a wireless system means that instead of needing on-site controllers, the configuration of the access points is stored off-site and the access-points access their configuration data over the Internet, with all data stored on multiple servers off-site.

There are various pros to running a cloud-based wireless system. It simplifies installation of remote monitoring systems, it allows customers to access their data from any mobile or desktop device anywhere in the world; and it eliminates onsite equipment that has to be housed, secured, and maintained.

What’s more, since on-site controllers can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, the money being saved by using cloud-based systems is substantial.

David Gaw, president of Sensera Systems, says most construction sites, especially at the early stages, do not have power or Internet connections available, and no business wants to operate “un-wired.”

“A cloud based/wireless/solar camera solution allows construction operators to have live monitoring from the start of the project without the expense and hassle of installing wired infrastructure or power,” he says. “In the construction market, our Sensera Systems cloud-based wireless solution allows construction managers to have the remote site monitoring they need with a system that can be set up in 20 minutes.”

Using cloud-enabled management allows construction companies to easily configure, manage, and deploy networking devices such as wireless access points.

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